Booking the Holiday of the Year

I mentioned last month that my friends and I were looking at Booking a Great Holiday for 2014 with a few places under consideration. There are twelve of us going, so as you can imagine co-ordinating this has been tricky. We had a get together last week and decided on Australia for the trip, visiting in mid-September. Luckily as no one has children nor work in education we are free to take trips out of term time.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta National ParkImage of Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park : Paolo Rosa

Flights are the most expensive part of the trip, I have priced up a couple and we are look at around; £1100pp. Accommodation varies, we are looking at self-catering with villas and houses. However as we won’t be staying in one spot for the full two weeks, sorting this out is a little tricky. But the good thing with Australia is that there are plenty of hostel type accommodation which is pretty affordable and going by some reviews actually quite nice.

Ideally we would want a few days in a nice self-catering villa, just for the little luxury, but also there will be a couple of celebrations whilst we are away and would feel better being able to celebrate in nice surrounding’s. Getting a few beers in and lots of food and having a party. Obviously being adults we will look after the properties, unlike some holiday home guests who can be pretty bad!

We will be hiring a couple of cars whilst we are out there, because there is so much to explore you really need a car to get around. Luckily everyone has a clean licence so that means we can divide up driving so none of us are driving for too long at a time. I don’t think we will be able to see everything in this vast area, the Northern Territory has so much to see and do but we will be giving it all a good go.

So all that’s left is to get it booked, then the countdown can begin!

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