Logos – an identifying feature that all brands need

Working for a digital design company, I get to be creative on a daily basis and love nothing more than tweaking and creating logos for our clients. Even the most iconic logos have to start somewhere and I have compiled some of the best brand logos to show you how they have changed over the years.

Some have changed for the better to look more modern and appeal to a wider audience, whereas some (cough, Pepsi) have, in my opinion changed for the worse. See what you think:

Apple Apple Logo


Kodak Logo


Pepsi Pepsi Logo


Ford Logo

Art meets light with Deer Head Light Fixtures

You know when you see something and think ‘That’s a great idea’, well here it is, the Deer Head Light Fixture. Simplistic in design, these light fixtures really come alive in the dark when they create a unique effect.

Check out the pictures below and see what you think:


light 1

light 2

These lights are currently for sale on Kickstarter starting at $130 each. You can also get the Deer Head Light Fixtures in various colours and can have them custom engraved with the name of your choice (up to 12 characters).

Japanese sports drink manufacture to be the first to advertise on the moon

Advertising, you can’t seem to get away from it even if you want to, whether it’s on the TV, inside apps or on your favourite websites, advertising is a part of everyday life, and now Japanese sports drink manufacturer Otsuka Pharmaceutical is set to go one further and become the first company to advertise on the moon.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s sports drink brand Pocari Sweat will be the first product advertised on the moon when the company, together with US firm Astrobotic Technology and Singapore-based Astroscale send a can of the popular drink into space.

Pocari Sweat Moon

The drink, which will be in powder form will be packed into a specially designed titanium can capable of withstanding the launch and landing procedures and also able to withstand the temperature shifts and high levels of electromagnetic radiation on the moon’s surface.

The can will weight approximately 1kg and will be inscribed with messages from 38,000 children living in Japan. Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s vice president Masayuki Umeno said, “This capsule was created by bringing together elements of Japan’s craftsmanship.”

Pocari Sweat Can

The soft drinks 384,000km trip will take four days and once on the moon will be transported by a lander to the Lacus Mortis pit where it will be placed on the ground. Otsuka has not revealed how much this PR stunt will cost.

Titanfall Expedition DLC looks the nuts!

I’ve been having some great fun with Titanfall since it was released and haven’t even got bored with it yet, like I do with most other games (I’m on Generation 5 at the moment, although the Arc Cannon challenge sucks).

I just came across the trailer for the first DLC for the game called Expedition, and I have to admit it looks pretty darn good. There are three new maps, a swampland, Industrial area and a virtual reality arena.

Check out the video below:

The Expedition DLC can be purchased for £7.99 or you can buy the Season Pass, which allows you to download all three DLC’s for £20. The Expedition DLC is being released today on Xbox One and PC.